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The latest news is - this website crashed in October 2016.  This page was somewhat out-of-date anyway. 

For the latest up to date stuff best go to our Facebook pages.  Use the 'Links' page to find us on Facebook (you do not have to join Facebook to see the pages).   The Facebook pages are usually updated most weeks. 

But, some 'recent' happenings:-

During the winter of 2015/16 we reworked the islands at Deeping Lakes, massively increasing the available nesting area for terns and gulls and creating low lying muddy areas.  Winter rains and rising ground water should cover most of the islands, killing off any vegetation and retaining the bare ground favoured by nesting terns.

We built a couple of viewing screens overlooking the islands.

In August 2016 we had a break-in at Deeping Lakes.  Repairing the shipping container door cost over £200.  We lost most of our hand tools but the insurance covered the loss.

A few years ago we installed a couple of artificial otter holts at Deeping Lakes.

We soon captured images of otters near one of the holts.  Recently otter sightings have become more common, with several sightings in October 2016.

Dave Vandome was presented the above at the Trust's Conservation Forum in November 2016.

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